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Welcome to Harley Performance, dedicated to the pursuit of Harley Davidson performance and what makes your ride a greater experience. If you’re like me, then improving and maintaining your Harley Davidson’s performance is all part of the Harley experience.

Whether it is fine tuning your bike’s carburetor, upgrading the exhaust, or improving the overall ride and feel, for most of us enhancing performance is a big part of owning a Harley. Everything we do to our motorcycles make that next ride all the more satisfying. While not normally associated with performance, routine maintenance is another important subject covered here in articles and motorcycle tech tips.

Sometimes it’s confusing to know what will work when it comes to performance improvements. Often what is advertised as “Performance” or the newest style turns out to be a waste of time and money. Hopefully with the information found here you can get a better idea of what will improve your motorcycle’s performance and also save you some money by helping you to do it yourself. There is no better feeling (other than riding your Harley) than saving money that would have been spent at a dealership’s service department.

When it comes to getting the most out of your riding experience, ride gear reviews from real-life riders is another aspect of Harley Davidson performance. Wearing the right gear can make those miles a more enjoyable ride. Check out the reviews of helmets, boots, jackets, and other performance apparel in future reviews.

Since new reviews and Harley tech tips are added often, be sure to keep up to date by subscribing to the free newsletter. The free newsletter is emailed periodically and contains the latest tips to enhance the performance of your Harley. Readers are also encouraged to submit their ideas for articles and tech tips. Bookmark this site to check back and see what’s new.

Be sure to check out the Harley Performance Bike Talk Forum. Here you can post your questions or share anything motorcycle related with other riders. Bike Talk now includes a photo gallery where you can share pictures of your ride. The forum is your place to get tech advice, express your opinion, buy or sell your old parts, or just tell others about a great ride or event.Thanks for stopping by and as always…

Enjoy the Ride!
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Harley Performance – What’s New
Recent motorcycle tech tips and articles added to Harley Performance
Harley Davidson Carburetor Performance Tuning
Harley Davidson carburetor tuning including simple instructions for getting the most out of your ride. How to fine tune a Harley stock carb that will keep up with the big boys.
Harley Carburetor Jetting
Harley carburetor jetting made simple. Step by step description to rejet your Harley carb.
CV Carburetor
Step by step CV carburetor upgrade for older Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Harley Tech Tips
Harley tech tips and advice for getting the best performance out of your Harley Davidson motorcycle
Stage 1 Carb Tuner Kit
Stage 1 Carb tuners kit. Release your Harley’s full potential by installing this simple to use kit on your stock carburetor. Stage 1 Kits include complete installation and tuning instructions.
Harley Exhaust Comparison
Harley exhaust performance comparisons of stock and drag pipe exhaust systems. How to choose the right exhaust for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle.
Harley Stage 1 Upgrade
Basic requirements for a Harley Stage 1 upgrade, including components and descriptions.
Harley Articles
Harley articles and submissions from readers and published authors.
Synthetic Oil
Synthetic oil comparison using Harley-Davidson SYN3 and AMSOIL Synthetic Oil
Harley Magazine and Book Reviews
Reviews for selecting Great Harley Magazine and recommended reading and reference for Harley performance and maintenance.
Harley Helmet – Selection Guide
How to choose the proper Harley helmet. Motorcycle helmet selection for cruisers and considerations when looking for a new helmet.
Harley Davidson For Sale – Tips Before Buying
Harley Davidson – What to look for when answering that Harley For Sale ad. Selection and buying tips when looking for a used Harley.
Harley VIN Identification
How to identify Harley VIN numbers on all Harley models, including frame and engine number matching.
Bike Talk Motorcycle Forum
Discussion forum for all things related to motorcycles! Harley Davidson and Metric motorcycle enthusiasts are all welcome here.
Harley Auctions
Find Harley parts, accessories, and complete motorcycles currently offered for auction.
Harley Links
Harley links to motorcycle related sites on the web.
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