Battery Tender

A Battery Tender is similar to a trickle charger but will not overcharge your battery. This is a must for motorcyles, especially when storing for the winter or for those that don’t ride daily.Batteries in storage will lose up to 50% of their charge in just 12 days! Standard trickle chargers can overcharge and permanently damage the battery. The Battery Tender puts an end to this worry. Connect the alligator clips to your battery terminals, plug it into a wall outlet, and that’s it! It will maintain a 100% charge constantly: enough to ensure starting power, but not enough to boil away electrolyte and damage the plates. It even senses incorrect connections and will not charge if the polarity has been reversed. Though I ride almost everyday I keep the Battery Tender attached to my bike every night. My last two motorcycles have never left me stranded with a dead battery. You can even make it easier to connect by wiring a cigarette lighter socket to your battery, and a male connector to the charger’s clips. This inexpensive modification now allows me to charge my bike without pulling the seat off each time. There is also a Battery Tender Jr that fits nicely in your saddle bag and has a quick-disconnect (no soldering).
Battery Tender Battery Tender 12V
Enjoy The Ride!