eBay tips for buying a Harley

Tips for buying a Harley on eBay
Great buys can be found on eBay including Harley’s and Harley parts. If you follow eBay’s tips for buyers you can bid with confidence and find yourself a bargain. Before bidding on a Harley or any other high dollar motorcycle part on eBay you can bid with confidence and find yourself a bargain. Before bidding on a Harley or any other high dollar motorcycle part on eBay, ask yourself the following questions to make sure you aren’t getting scammed.
  • Is this a private auction asking you to pre-qualify before bidding? Many legitimate high dollar auctions may be private and/or require pre-qualification. Often the scam auctions require pre-qualification to gain personal information.
  • Is the ad confusing or have contradictory terms?
  • Does the seller NOT offer escrow? (Beware of fraudulent escrow companies and only use domestic companies endorsed by eBay). The escrow currently endorsed by E-Bay is www.escrow.com
  • Do they only accept payment through Western Union? NEVER use Western Union unless you personally know the person you are sending money to. This has long been the preferred payment for scams since you can’t track or dispute payments once they are sent.
  • Is the seller new to E-Bay or have questionable feedback?
  • Does the seller disclose their location (City, State)?
  • Will the seller provide an address and phone number? Is that address a PO Box? Is the phone number an 800, 866 or other commercial number?
  • Are they offering shipping terms too good to be true (free or included in price)?
  • Is the price too good to be true?
If you answer yes to any of these BEWARE!!! Don’t let myth and stories of scams and fraud scare you. Buying a Harley or other items on eBay or other online sellers can be very safe and rewarding. There are just as many rip-offs found offline as there are online. For those apprehensive about online purchases… you are more likely to become a victim of identiy theft from an offline reseller than from a legitimate online vendor. Using a little common sense will keep you safe no matter where you make your purchases. Check out some of the Harley’s up for auction on eBay . This is also a good way to compare or determine the value of your own Harley should you be inclined to sell. Enjoy the Ride!