CVP Fuel Max Inlet Elbow for Harley motorcycles

CVP Fuel Max Inlet ElbowReplacing the stock plastic fuel inlet can greatly improve reliablity by eliminating leaks while improving fuel flow. The CVP Fuel Max Inlet Elbow is designed to both increase flow and never leak.The original Harley fuel elbow greatly restricts flow and can easily crack when you least expect it. CVP’s inlet incorporates a single CNC milled solid brass design that will not crack. The internal bore is rounded at the bend to further increase flow and performance.
The CVP Fuel Max Inlet Elbow has the largest inside fuel passage available for a stock CV or Keihin carburetor, capable of flowing up to 45% more fuel than OEM inlets.

The inlet accepts standard 1/4″ hose, or to maximize flow can be used with 5/16″ fuel line.For instructions on how to remove your old inlet elbow and installing a new fuel inlet check out the article on Harley fuel elbow replacement.

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