Halogen Headlight

Upgraded lighting using halogen headlight bulbs can often make the difference between being seen or not. The most common statement taken at accident scenes from vehicle drivers is “I never saw him”. Even if you believe that ‘loud pipes save lives’, increasing your visibility will greatly improve those chances of being seen before an accident can occur.Most stock headlights are designed for basic nighttime illumination, yet during the day are hardly noticeable. Upgrading to a high intensity halogen headlight bulb not only improves nighttime visibility, but will get you noticed in the middle of the day. Halogen Headlight  Xenon Plasma  Halogen Headlight Bulb

High Intensity extreme white output. Halogen 12v 100/90w bulb is a direct replacement for Harley or other motorcycles using H4/9003 style bulbs. H4 style wire harnesses are stock on most late model Harley’s and aftermarket headlight fixtures. Twice the intensity of stock, similar to HID lighting without the cost.  See precautions below  $27.99  Out of Stock