Harley Books

101 Harley Twin Cam
101 Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Performance
If youre looking for ways to keep up with the pack – or blow right past them – this book has 101 of them. Boost the performance of your Harley-Davidsons Twin-Cam engine with 101 projects broken out b… more
Harley Davidson Accessories
Accessories for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Subtitled: A Guide to Personalizing Your Bike. Make your Harley stand out in any crowd! Buying your motorcycle is just the first step in an exciting journey of choosing parts and accessories… more
Billy Lane
Billy Lane
In the beginning, there was Arlen Ness. Before Jesse James, Billy Lane, and the battling Teutuls, Arlen Ness started the business of building celebrity choppers. more
Art of the Chopper
Art of the Chopper
In The Art of the Chopper, Tom Zimberoff focuses his photographic talent on the ultra exotic, ultra sexy, custom motorc… more
Inidan Motorcycle
Century of Indian
A beautiful visual narrative showcasing the elegant design and quality workmanship for which Indian became famous. more
Choppers provides a comprehensive look at how choppers originated and evolved and what has fueled the current resurgence of interest in building and riding custom motorcycles… more
Harley Davidson 100 Years
Harley-Davidson 100 Years
This visually dynamic celebration of Harley-Davidson’s first century of motorcycles includes a history of the company, profiles of the most significant motorcycles, and a ‘lifestyle’ look at Harley-Davidson’s appeal and role in popular culture… more
Harley Bolt-On Performance
Harley-Davidson Bolt-On Performance
Modern Harley-Davidsons are worthy performers — they’re powerful, reliable, comfortable, and they handle and brake pretty well too. more
Harley softail customize
Harley-Davidson Softail: How To Hop-Up & Customize
Got a Softail? Got a hankering to separate yours from all the other Softails parked outside the bar? Search no farther than this new book, How To Hop-Up and Customize Your Harley-Davidson Softail, fr… more
Harley Sportster Performance
Harley-Davidson Sportster Performance Handbook
Improve your Sporty in every way! From bolting on a carb and pipe to building a 100-cubic-inch monster, this is your ticket to a faster, better-handling Ironhead or Evolution Sportster. This complete… more
Harley Model history
Complete Harley-Davidson: Model by Model
A Model by Model History of the American Motorcycle. Includes the eras of the Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead and Evolution engines, as well as the military models. more
West Coast Choppers Kit Bike
How to Build a West Coast Chopper Kit Bike
This book presents a step-by-step guide to building a West Coast Choppers C.F.L. kit. Kit choppers are hot commodities. While few people can afford to buy a custom-built chopper from one of the high-… more
Motorcycle Custom Paint
How to Custom Paint Your Motorcycle
JoAnn Bortles. Were in the midst of the biggest boom in motorcycle customization since the days of Easy Rider. Todays custom bikes are regarded as rolling art with custom paint jobs that can cost tho… more
Repair V-Twin Motorcycles
How to Repair and Maintain American V-Twins
This book has it all: basic, easy-to-use information about repairing and maintaining pushrod V-twin motorcycles from someone who really knows the nuts and bolts. It covers the fundamental maintenance projects: changing oil… more
Restore your Harley
How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson
No nut, bolt or cable is overlooked on 1937-47 Knuckleheads, 1937-48 Flatheads (74ci & 80ci), 1937-63 Servi-cars, 1937-52 Solos (45ci) and 1948-64 Panheads. An essential reference for all owners, res… more
Indian Larry Chopper
Indian Larry: Chopper Shaman
A stunt man and side show performer made famous by the Discovery Channel, Indian Larry Desmedt is best remembered for his remarkable custom motorcycles, his wild tattoos, and his love for building and riding rolling art. more