The Harley Performance Story

Where it all began My name is Ken and I started over a decade ago. I’ve been a motorcycle rider and enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and when not riding I would frequent the many message boards related to Harley motorcycles. One day it occurred to me that there should be a way to share ideas with others to enhance the performance of our bikes. While message boards are a wealth of information, for me they lacked the personal touch a web site could provide. This lead me to start collecting articles and information which I could share with other enthusiasts. Humble Beginnings When I first started out to share my passion for Harley’s through my own personal web page, things didn’t go so well. Using one of those free web services I built a very generic site and added a laundry list of articles and performance tips. I spent many hours tweaking that page to the point of almost losing interest. Not only was that original site boring and disorganized, but no one even knew it existed. I had built exactly the opposite of what I had wanted to accomplish.
Harley-Performance is Born One day while speaking to a friend my perspective was changed forever. I realized that my approach had been completely wrong, and if I wanted to share my passion with others it was going to take more than a list of articles and links. If I wanted to share my ideas with others I needed a way to deliver in an organized manner without drowning in details so I began assembling articles.  The Journey Continues Harley Performance has been running for over 10 years now and has expanded to include the Bike Talk Motorcycle Forum originally founded in 1994 in support of the former shop Direct Parts. Be sure to stop by to talk with thousands of other motorcycle enthusiasts like yourself. Update: this site has been migrated from a Site Build It based site to WordPress for several reasons. More to come on this subject.  Enjoy the Ride!