Synthetic Oil High Mileage Endurance

Hard Driving with Synthetic Oil

Courtesy of  Donny Smith of Heavy Duty Cycles
Anecdotal evidence supports the use of synthetic oil. I put my money where my mouth is. I realize what I am about to relate is not scientific and merely the telling of a personal road trip.

Last summer, I was on a run to Canada’s East Coast. I work a lot so I dont have much time, which means I have built up endurance for hi-mile fast riding. The daytime temperature never went below 85 degrees and hovered over 90. On the way down, I did about 800 miles the first day from Toronto to Frederiction New Brunswick. 
Next day, I cruised into Sidney Cape Breton Island, which is just less than 500 miles. I partied one day and then got up at 5:30 a.m. for a blast home. At 8:30 pm that night I pulled into Cornwall, Ontario after riding 1000 miles in excess of 85 mph It was a real hot day and I just stopped for gas. I ate and drank while riding. Going to the washroom was not an issue as dehydration assisted in putting more miles in.

Remember, 1000 miles in hi-heat and at hi-speed in 13 hours. This is only one of the tortuous trips, for rider and bike alike that my motorcycles easily endure, both Evo and TC88 with synthetic oil. I did the remaining 300 miles to Toronto the next morning. My 1999 Roadglide runs like a Swiss clock. I use  synthetic oil. Guess what? The engine runs cooler because of less friction. Presumably it will last longer because of less wear due to less friction. And my engine bearings are just fine because they roll in the synthetic oil, not skid as the purveyors of fear love to imply. How come the fear-mongers are always trying to turn you off someone else’s product to get you to BUY theirs.
Donny Petersen, Heavy Duty Cycles Toronto
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Article courtesy of Donny Smith of Heavy Duty Cycles
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