V-Ductor Velocity Stack

vductor CV Carb Patent Pending
The velocity stack for inside your air cleaner. By funneling air through the unique venturi design, the V-Ductor reduces turbulence while increasing velocity for optimal performance.

Unlike vanes, grates, or screens that can encourage turbulence, the V-Ductor from CVP does not block or reduce flow. The V-Ductor increases intake velocity and air density to improve fuel atomization, without the need for rejetting or remapping. Greater utilization of the fuel mixture provides: + Increased HP + Added Torque + Improved MPG   The only device of its kind, CNC milled from 6061 billet aluminum and designed to install inside your stock or high-flow air cleaner. Easily installs between your carb or throttle body and air cleaner backing. Fits all Big Twin and Sportster models using CV style carburetors, Delphi fuel injection, 08-present Touring (TBW models), and Mikuni HSR 42/45 carburetors.  
Retails $79.95 Sale $ 52.95 FREE SHIPPING * *US shipping only, not for export
The V-Ductor is now available through CV Performance.
Carburetors and fuel injected throttle bodies are designed to draw air straight inward where fuel and air is mixed. Both stock and high-flow air cleaners supply air at a right angle, thus changing the direction of flow creating turbulence. This turbulent air flow loses speed and density, decreasing efficiency.Velocity stacks have long been used by racers to improve performance by directing air flow into the intake while increasing air density. Unfotunately velocity stacks do not allow for proper filtering or convenient mounting for street use.The V-Ductor acts as a velocity stack for use with your air cleaner assembly. True bolt-on performance!